Staking UI

Staking User Interface (UI):

At Regular People, we prioritize a seamless and intuitive staking experience for our community members. The Staking User Interface (UI) is designed to empower users with easy control and accessibility. Here's an overview of the features and functionalities available through our "Your People" section on our site:

1. Dashboard Overview:

  • Upon accessing the "Your People" section, users will be greeted with a dashboard providing an overview of their staking portfolio. Key metrics, such as characters staked, $RegularBucks, earned rewards, and staking history, are displayed for quick reference.

2. Staking Simplicity:

  • Users have the ability to initiate and manage staking directly from the UI. The "Stake All" feature allows for a straightforward staking process.

3. Reward Tracking:

  • A dedicated section within the UI enables users to track their staking rewards in real-time. Detailed breakdowns of earned rewards, providing transparency on the amount you can expect to receive.

4. Withdrawal Functionality:

  • The UI facilitates a seamless withdrawal process for users looking to retrieve their staked $RegularBucks, Characters & Rewards. Withdrawal options are straightforward, with users having control over the timing and amount to be withdrawn.

5. Governance Participation:

  • For community members interested in participating in governance decisions, the UI includes a dedicated section for voting on proposals, submitting suggestions, and actively engaging in the governance of Regular People.

6. Educational Resources:

  • The UI incorporates educational resources to help users understand the staking process, the benefits of staking, safety and any other relevant information. These resources aim to empower users with knowledge to make informed decisions.

7. Community Integration:

  • Direct links to community forums and discussion platforms are integrated within the UI, enabling users to connect with fellow stakeholders, share experiences, and stay updated on the latest Regular Pepole developments.


The Staking User Interface at $RegularBucks, accessible through our "Your People" section on the site, is a central hub for community members to manage their staking activities efficiently. With features ranging from staking initiation to governance participation, our UI is designed to empower users, providing a user-friendly environment.

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