Staking Rewards Visualization

At Regular People, we believe in providing our community with a visually engaging and immersive staking experience. The "Your People" page is not just a dashboard; it's a dynamic space where your characters come to life, and your staking rewards are delivered like pay checks to enhance your interaction with the $RegularBucks ecosystem. Here's how we bring the staking rewards to life:

1. Pay Check Animation:

  • "Regular Pay Checks" will be distributed to your Regular People on said page.

2. Real-Time Updates:

  • Experience real-time updates as your staking rewards accumulate. Witness the growth of your character as they receive regular pay-outs.

3. Celebratory Events:

  • On special occasions, such as Trait Week or community milestones, expect surprise celebratory events when characters receive staking rewards. These events add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to your staking journey.


The "Your People" page at $RegularBucks is not just a place to track staking rewards; it's a canvas where your characters come to life, and your rewards are delivered in an immersive manner. Experience the joy of staking in a way that goes beyond numbers and charts. Join us in creating an engaging staking experience within Regularville!

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