Staking Pools/Staking $RBX

Staking Pools:

1. Overview:

$RegularBucks introduces a diversified staking experience through multiple staking pools, each offering varying rewards and durations. Staking pools provide users with the flexibility to choose a pool that aligns with their staking preferences, risk tolerance, and investment horizon.

2. Staking Pool Options:

a. Regular Rewards Pool:

  • Rewards: 8% per week

  • Duration: Minimum 2 weeks

  • Criteria for Joining:

  • Open to all $RegularBucks holders.

  • Minimum staking amount: 5,000 $RBX.

b. Premium Rewards Pool:

  • Rewards: 10% per week

  • Duration: Minimum 4 weeks

  • Criteria for Joining:

  • Open to $RegularBucks holders with a minimum staking amount of 10,000 $RBX.

  • Exclusive access for participants who completed at least one cycle in the Regular Rewards Pool.

c. Long-Term Growth Pool:

  • Rewards: 15% per month

  • Duration: Minimum 3 months

  • Criteria for Joining:

  • Open to $RegularBucks holders with a minimum staking amount of 20,000 $RBX.

  • Designed for users seeking a longer-term staking commitment.

3. Benefits of Staking Pools:

  • Diversification of Rewards: Staking pools cater to different risk appetites by offering a range of rewards, allowing users to choose the pool that best fits their investment strategy.

4. How to Join a Staking Pool:

  • Connect Wallet: Connect your Solana wallet containing $RegularBucks to the staking platform.

5. Community Feedback:

$RegularBucks values community feedback. If there is demand for additional staking pools or adjustments to existing ones, the project will consider implementing changes to enhance the staking experience for all participants.


Staking pools within the $RegularBucks ecosystem provide a dynamic and diversified staking experience. By offering various rewards and durations, users can tailor their staking strategy to match their individual preferences. The criteria for joining each pool ensure fair access and reward users based on their commitment to the $RegularBucks staking program.

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