Staking Mechanism

1. Staking NFTs for $RegularBucks Rewards:

Regular People introduces an innovative staking mechanism where users can leverage their NFT holdings to earn additional $RegularBucks tokens. This process actively engages users in the $RegularBucks ecosystem, offering enticing rewards for their commitment.

2. Staking Process:

To stake NFTs and begin earning $RegularBucks rewards, users can follow these straightforward steps:

  • Connect Wallet: Connect your Solana wallet containing Regular People NFTs to the staking platform.

  • Choose the specific NFTs you wish to stake from your connected wallet.

3. Staking Duration:

  • Staking Flexibility: Our NFTs offer the freedom of no minimum staking time, allowing users to engage in short-term staking activities. However, it's important to note that longer staking periods are incentivized with higher rewards.

4. Rewards Distribution:

  • Frequency: Staking rewards are distributed periodically, providing users with a predictable schedule for earning additional $RegularBucks tokens.


The $RegularBucks staking mechanism allows users to stake their NFTs and earn $RegularBucks rewards, with an enticing multiplier for longer staking periods. With transparent rules on staking amounts, durations, and multipliers, we aim to create a rewarding and engaging staking experience within the Regular People project.

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