Rewards System for staking $RBX

Rewards System:

1. Calculation Method:

Regular People employs a transparent and rewarding system for calculating staking rewards. The rewards are determined based on a fixed percentage of the total value of the staked $RegularBucks NFTs and the duration of the staking period.

  • Fixed Percentage Calculation: The staking rewards are set at a fixed percentage of 8% per week. For example, if a user stakes 10,000 $RBX (where 1 $RBX = 0.01 USD), they would earn rewards equivalent to 800 $RBX or $8 USD for that week.

2. Distribution Frequency:

  • Weekly Rewards Distribution: Staking rewards are distributed on a weekly basis. This regular distribution provides users with a consistent and predictable schedule for receiving their earned $RBX tokens.

3. Transparency and Clarity:

  • Staking Dashboard: Users can easily track and monitor their staking rewards through a user-friendly staking dashboard. This dashboard provides real-time updates on staking activity, rewards earned, and overall staking performance.

4. Community Engagement:

  • Feedback Mechanism: The Regular People community will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the rewards system. This ensures that the reward percentages and distribution frequency align with the expectations and preferences of the community.


The $RegularBucks rewards system is designed to be transparent, rewarding, and community-oriented. With a fixed percentage of 8% per week and additional duration multipliers, we aim to provide users with a fair and enticing incentive to actively participate in the staking program. With weekly distributions and a user-friendly staking dashboard, we strive to make the staking experience accessible and engaging for all Regular People holders.

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