Rarity Tier Rewards

Welcome to our NFT staking experience, where rarity opens the door to exclusive rewards!

Regulars dominate at 53.9%, but the real excitement lies in rarities.

Elevate your staking game with;

  • Lean 17%

  • Women 17%

Gaining a cool 1.2x multiplier.

Earn even more; Beefcakes, Rares, Kids, Irregulars, and Chunky, ranging from 4% to 6%, guarantee substantial rewards with a competitive 1.5x multiplier.

Yet, the crown jewel is the 1/1s, standing at an astonishing 0.1% rarity, unlocking the highest 2x multiplier and flooding your wallet with $regularbucks.

In our staking world, rarity isn't just a label; it's a pathway to shaping Regular People & it's path. Embrace the rarity, claim the rewards!

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