When will staking go live?

Staking will become available post-mint; once Phase 1 is fully minted, you can begin staking your Regulars to unlock rewarding benefits and earn passive income!

What is the maximum supply of $RegularBucks?

The maximum supply of $RegularBucks is 30million.

What if I am not sure how long I want to stake my Regulars for due to market conditions?

If you're uncertain about the duration for staking your Regulars, worry not – we've got you covered! Our flexible staking options include short, medium, and long-term choices, catering to diverse preferences. We understand that plans can change, and we aim to provide options that allow for adaptability. For more details on our staking options, visit Staking Pools/Staking $RBX

How much can we earn from Regular People Staking?

The potential earnings with $RegularBucks depend on its current price and the amount you have staked. It's a fantastic avenue for passive income, especially when coupled with the strategic locking of your Regular People NFT for a specified duration. The more you stake, the greater your potential earnings! Explore the possibilities of maximizing your returns with $RegularBucks.

What can we do with the $RegularBucks we earn?

Embark on a journey of exclusive perks with $RegularBucks! Whether you prefer saving or splurging your $RBX, anticipate access to unique products, exclusive event tickets, and VIP community memberships. Elevate your experience – it's all about $RBX, where exclusivity meets excitement.

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