The initial distribution of $RegularBucks is allocated as follows:

  • Presale and Initial Offering: Reserved for early supporters during the presale and initial token offering.

  • Community Incentives: Allocated to incentivize community engagement, including referral programs and community events.

  • Staking Rewards: A significant portion of the token supply is dedicated to staking rewards, encouraging active participation in the world of Regular People.

  • Development and Ecosystem Growth: Reserved to fund ongoing development, establish partnerships, and support initiatives aimed at expanding the $RegularBucks ecosystem.

Staking and Rewards

Staking Mechanism:

  • Users can also stake $RegularBucks to earn additional tokens as rewards.

  • Distribution Frequency: Staking rewards are distributed periodically, providing an incentive for long-term commitment and support.



  • Holders of $RegularBucks have the opportunity to participate in governance proposals, enabling them to influence the project's future through voting on key decisions.

Trait Week

Introducing Trait Week, a dynamic event in the $RegularBucks ecosystem designed to celebrate and reward diversity among our community members. During Trait Week, specific traits, whether related to clothing, hats, or character builds (such as chunky, lean, kid, women, regular, irregular, beefcake), will take the spotlight.

The key feature of Trait Week is the enhanced earning potential for NFTs with those highlighted traits.

Here's how it works:

  1. Trait Selection

    At the beginning of each Trait Week, a specific trait category will be selected at random. This could include unique clothing styles, hats, or character builds that add uniqueness to Regular People NFTs.

  2. Multiplier Increase

    NFTs featuring the chosen trait during Trait Week will receive an increased multiplier for $RegularBucks rewards. This multiplier is applied to the staking rewards, providing additional incentives for community members who hold NFTs with the those trait.

  3. Enhanced Rewards

    Participants staking NFTs with the selected trait will experience a boost in their $RegularBucks earnings throughout the Trait Week. This creates an engaging and rewarding environment for collectors with diverse NFTs in their wallets.

  4. Community Engagement

    Trait Week is not only about earning rewards but also about celebrating the creativity and diversity within the world of Web3.

  5. Regular Updates

    The Regular People team will provide regular updates on the chosen traits, multipliers, and any additional activities or events planned for Trait Week. Stay tuned to our official channels for the latest information.

  6. How to participate

    To participate in Trait Week and benefit from the enhanced multipliers, simply stake NFTs featuring the chosen trait during the specified timeframe. The staking UI within the "Your People" section will reflect the updated multipliers & times for the duration of Trait Week.


Trait Week adds an exciting element to Regular People, offering opportunities for community members to earn enhanced rewards based on traits that may not of been appreciated otherwise. Join us in embracing the uniqueness of Regular People and enjoy the amplified rewards during Trait Week!

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